To celebrate International Podcast Day 2021, our Managing Director dug through the Omny Studio data from the past 12 months to serve up some insights.

Podcast marketing is only as effective as its execution. Sharon Taylor, Managing Director at Triton Digital, shares her list of top podcast marketing “Dos” and “Do Betters” to help you accelerate your audience growth.

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Best practices and tips to get “studio sound” from home.

The days of “excuse how I sound, I’m working from home” are gone. Podcasts, radio, and even TV are now being recorded from home. This doesn’t mean that dedicated studios are by any means redundant, but in-home recordings are now a widely-accepted option, especially when done well.

Here’s a nice haul of new Omny Studio features for your enjoyment.

Content reporting capabilities

When your podcasting venture isn’t a single show, but a network, or even multiple networks — it becomes harder to track your overall publishing output. But it becomes even more important to know that publishing cadences are being hit, and ad markers are being set.

Our Managing Director shares her thoughts on the medium and what it means for podcasting.

How best to utilize this emerging medium and engage with your listeners in real-time.

Within a year, Clubhouse, the exclusive social audio platform, has gone from being the darling of the app world with a valuation of $4B USD, to diminishing downloads and (seemingly) every other platform under the sun announcing a competitive offering.

Promos, one of the few true podcasting ‘silver bullets’.

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Making enterprise podcasting simple

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